Memories of my first paid singing gig

Yesterday I had lunch with my father, who is celebrating his 87th birthday.   (He was old when he had me, so don’t go trying to calculate my own age based on his.)

Anyway, at lunch, we reminisced about our family camping trips.  I was reminded that I actually had my first paid singing gig when I was about five or six years old, when our family was camping in New Hampshire.  Apparently a friend and I walked from site to site, singing “Joy to the World” to the happy campers. (That would be the “Three Dog Night” version). One audience member paid us a quarter.  What a thrill!  I guess that was my first taste of being paid to sing…


But mostly, I am thrilled to realize that there was a point in my life when I wasn’t shy about singing in front of others.  It’s so nice to be back into that place of non-shyness again.  Joy to the world indeed!

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