Animal Aid USA Fundraiser-An Evening with Acclaimed Dog Author Lee Harrington. Saturday October 5 in NYC

Dog lovers: I’m honored to have been invited to participate in this wonderful fundraising event for Animal Aid USA. Founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Animal Aid USA relocates animals in kill-shelters to loving homes through its large network of rescue groups and volunteers. I have friends who volunteer for this group (i.e. the fabulous Jen […]

How Cool Is It When an Old Friend Releases a Hot New Movie?

Several years ago I hosted a dashing young filmmaker named James Ponsoldt, who stayed at my house in Woodstock during the “Woodstock Film Festival.” (This is one of the many, many cool things about living in Woodstock, NY. We treat everyone who visits like family–whether it’s Gabriel Byrne, David Byrne, or just some visiting parks […]

“The Dog Who Can Open Doors” Strikes Again!

It was very disturbing to find the Dog Who Can Open Doors waiting outside for me when I returned home from the library this morning. My previous dog Wallace (of “Rex and the City” fame) probably would have chased the car all the way to the library. Chloe, fortunately, was curled up on the […]